Cornerstone Brahmans

Red & Grey Brahmans — Pettus, Texas

Our genetics are our foundation at Cornerstone Cattle Company. With a focus on both the everyday cattleman as well as an eye on the showring, our Brahman cattle are Texas-tested and true both in and out of the pasture. With solid foundation females and sires boasting renowned genetics, Cornerstone Cattle will bring a resiliency and adaptability to your herd.

Cornerstone Cattle Company, situated in Pettus, Texas, is a 6th generation ranch. With three generations currently at the helm, including JL Green, his daughter Carrie Morin and grandson Kaden Morin, we are truly a family affair where each and every family member lives and pitches in on the ranch. And we don’t limit it to just those on the ranch, you can be sure the college kids are put to work when they visit!

But we wouldn’t have it any other way. The familial bond of six generations of cattle producers gives us the ability to look to the future of the Brahman breed as we incorporate lessons we have learned from our past. We do this through a variety of ways, including our selective AI breeding utilizing top red and gray sires, developing embryo transfer program, our partnerships with junior exhibitors, and our relentless dedication to breeding the best Brahman cattle to be the cornerstone of your program.

With a history of Cornerstone Cattle in the showring, we are proud to partner with aspiring Brahman showmen and women through 4-H and FFA programs in and around Bee County, Texas. We value the lessons taught through showing livestock, and are living examples of the hard work ethic and appreciation for cattle gained through these experiences. If you or your organization is interested in bringing quality Brahman Cornerstone Cattle to your show ring, contact us today to discuss how we can help develop the next generation of Brahman cattle producers.

Interested in adding Cornerstone Cattle to your operation? Or just want to see excellent Brahman cattle? Drop us a line, and we can schedule a time for you to come by the ranch in Pettus, Texas to visit with our family and check out Cornerstone Cattle Company!